Engine 360 - georgetenney

Behind the scenes setting up and shooting superstar subjects! 

A Honeywell Aerospace jet engines.

Behind the scenes. Prepping the engine, setting up lighting and camera.

Gear Notes

The Shoot:

- Green Screen

- Exp. F/8 200th, 500ws from key light, 250ws each on two umbrellas. Keep it simple. Keep it sexy. 

- TrueDof-Intro iOS App (determine proper camera distance to carry focus) Recommend it!

- A Stanley 25' tape measure. Don't leave home with it. 

- Nikon D800 Camera for stills and footage.

- Zeiss 85mm F1.4 (for the hanging shot)

- Kessler Stealth slider

- Medium Softbox. Two umbrellas.

- 1000ws power pack. Three strobe heads.

- Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch. The workhorse! 

The Post Production:

- Photoshop CC


- After Effects CC

Other work

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