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The shot


Some personal work. Going for trapped in a nightmarish, industrial world feel ala David Lynch.  I'm an age where Twin Peaks lead me to Eraserhead as opposed to Eraserhead leading to Twin Peaks. 

You can watch the clip on Instagram, where seamless loops thrive!

Original footage

Original footage looks like this. Not a big leap to get the final product. Converted to B&W, some levels adjustments, and combing my archives for the appropriate human silhouette to trace in Photoshop. 

Silhouette from 2015 shoot.

Human silhouette added in FCPX

Grabbed a silhouette from my archives. A 2015 shoot. Traced the outline of the figure and filled in Photoshop, saved as PNG for the transparent background. 

Added as layer, sized and positioned in FCPX. Added a Color Correction effect with a feathered mask to match the browner, lighter tones of the footage. Put those layers into a compound clip adjusted levels and colors. 


Existing, sunset 

Shoot Gear:

Nikon D800 body on a tripod

70mm-200mm Nikkor VR (first version) lens with variable ND filter

50 sec, f2.8 ISO 100 24FPS Exposure

And of course 15LBS of extra gear, brought, not used because of compulsive contingency packing habit 

Post Gear:

MacBook Pro Retina

Photoshop CC

FCPX 10.2

iPad Pro

Apple Pencil

Astropad App

Other work

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